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Rockwell Family Help

The 1850 US Federal Census shows John living with his parents in Miller Township, Knox County, Ohio.

John Rockwell age 36, Labor, born Maryland?
Rebecca Rockwell age 28, born Penn?
Sarah Rockwell age 17, born Penn
William Rockwell age 12, born Penn, attended school within the year
Talbot Rockwell age 10, born Penn, attended school within the year
Lewis Rockwell age 8, born Penn, attended school, within the year
Mary Ann Rockwell age 6, born Penn, attended school within the year
John Rockwell age 3, born Penn

The 1840 US Federal Census shows a handful John Rockwells living in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

John Rockwell, Gibson, Darke Co., Ohio
John Rockwell, Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio
John Rockwell, Air, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania
John Rockwell, Spring Garden Ward 1, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John F. Rockwell, Lawrence, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania

Some sources show John and Rebecca being married in Darke Co., Ohio. Based on this and the census information it appears possible that the John Rockwell living in Gibson, Darke Co., Ohio is our John Rockwell.

The 1840 Census shows one male child under 5 years of age (Talbot or William?) and one male 20 & under 30 (John).Also shown is One female 5 & under 10 (Sarah?) and one female 15 & under 20 (Rebecca?). However, it is thought Sarah was born about 1833 (not confirmed) which would have made her mother (Rebecca) about 13 years of age at the time of Sarah’s birth. This seems rather unlikely, although not unheard of. It is possible the census is off a year or two in either direction which would help things make more sense.

The rest of the John Rockwell’s listed in the 1840 US Federal Census do not have children that fit our projected timeline nearly as well as the John Rockwell from Darke Co., Ohio.

Currently we have no information on the Rockwell family prior to the dates listed above.

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