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Smith Family Help

The 1860 US Federal Census shows Daniel (David) Smith and his family living in Milford Township, Knox County, Ohio.

David Smith, age 36, personal estate valued at $50, born Ohio
Elizabeth Smith, age 27, born Ohio
Sarah Smith, age 6, born Ohio
Rebecca Smith, age 4, born Ohio
George Smith, age 6/12, born Ohio
Close by was a Charles and Olive Smith age 27 and 20 respectively. Both are listed as being born in Ohio. It is currently unknown what the relationship was between both families.

The 1850 US Federal Census shows Daniel F. Smith living with his parents and grandmother in Miller Township, Knox County, Ohio.

James Smith, age 51, laborer, born New Jersey, no value of real estate listed (likely owned no property)
Eunice Smith, age 53, born New Hampshire
Daniel F. Smith, age 24, laborer, born Ohio
Lydia Hilliard, (likely Eunice’s mother) age 75, born Connecticut
The Stephen and Lydia Smith family also lived close by as well as Bradley and Mary Smith. Stephen and Bradley would be the right age to be brothers of Daniel but this is only conjecture at this point.

The 1840 US Federal Census shows four James Smith living in Knox County, Ohio. Milford, Pleasant, Morgan, and Berlin are the townships where the four lived.
The most likely prospect based on the age of the family members is the James Smith family in Milford Township. The James Smith family living in Milford Township, Knox Co., Ohio are shown as having two male children 10 & under 15 (Daniel?), one 15 & under 20, one 20 & under 30 and one 40 & under 50 (James?). These males could account for Daniel as well as Stephen and Bradley. However, we would still be missing one male. One female 40 & under 50 (Eunice?) is also shown.

The 1830 US Federal Census shows five James Smith living in Knox County, Ohio. Martinsburg, Milford, Mount Vernon, Bloomfield, and Morgan are the townships where the five lived. The one that best fits is James Smith, Jr. in Milford Township. The family includes 2 males under 5 years of age, 1 five and under ten, one 10 and under fifteen and 1 twenty and under thirty (James?). Also in the family was one female thirty and under forty (Eunice?). If this James Smith, Jr. is the father of our Daniel Smith then it would stand to reason that James Jr.’s father was also known as James Smith.

There is mention of a “Rev. James Smith, who came in 1808 (to Knox County), and was the First Methodist clergyman. It also appears that there was a lawyer in the area named James Smith, Jr. However, much of this is speculation at this point and I’m not yet convinced that any of the information shown for after 1860 is correct.

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